The customer is the main focus of all our considerations and actions.

Customer service and quality are not only words for us: they are the fundamental concepts and points of reference for our business.

Range of services

Apart from the normal things like transport, import and storage, our efficient logistics services include call off management and NOS programs. We would be pleased to show you what we are capable of. We are sure that we will find the perfect service package for you, too.

It is important to us to continually improve the quality of our products and to present new and innovative ideas to our customers. The quality of our fabrics, such as pure cotton, CVC, Two Ply or fabric made from Swiss yarn, is improved by high-grade finishing processes Non-iron, Easy Care, Liquid Ammoniac, Quick Dry, Freshness, Nano.

Flexible production is not enough – the procurement of materials also needs to be flexible

One major challenge is to increase the flexibility of procurement when it comes to obtaining fabrics.

In cooperation with its partners, FSH GmbH provides an extremely flexible and rapid procurement system which ensures that the production matrix can be implemented in a manner which meets real needs:


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