Corporate behaviour affects all levels of the production and sales structure. As a consequence, businesses also determine the social and ecological form of these structures to a certain degree.

Sustainable action means that businesses are proactive in facing this responsibility, thus ensuring the long-term success of all those involved.

Sustainability is an economic success factor, and Full-Service Handels GmbH is a member of the “Bündnis für textile Nachhaltigkeit”, the association for sustainable textiles, for precisely this reason.

Green Factories

What does FSH contribute to sustainability? Our answer is the Green Factory.

FSH GmbH is convinced that new, sustainable approaches need to be taken in the textile industry. In cooperation with our partner in Bangladesh, we opened a Green Factory mid-2015 in Bangladesh.

This factory is certified by independent institutes and, of course, all social standards are taken into consideration to a special degree in this facility, including

– medical care for employees

– free bus transportation for employees

– employee representation

– participation in further educational initiatives for employee management and co-determination.

Strategically speaking, Bangladesh is an important production location and, as a country, much more than the image which currently and all too frequently circulates. We want to cooperate with our partners to contribute to development in Bangladesh in a constructive and sustainable fashion.